Ret pallys unite!!

Have not seen one of these threads in awhile.
Why do you love Paladin soo much!??
Especially the players who have only ever had one main....A PALADIN!!!! lol
'Cause Warriors suck. :p
Because goodie two-shoes heroes always get passed over in favor of their dark, brooding, leather jacket wearing siblings. It's a counter-culture, really.
Well, I honestly thought I would hate playing a Paladin. Which is why I chose it to begin with. :p

Out of every class I have tried, which is all of them if I'm remembering correctly, Paladin (emphasis on Ret) has been the most fun. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it's the class I know the most about. I couldn't see myself maining any other class.

Also, Warriors do suck. Gave 'em a try and wow, not what I was expecting.

Plus, Paladin mogs are the best. :3
I can bubblehearth in the new raid to avoid death and easily fly back to the instance portal. =)
I made my pally a few days after TBC started and its been my only main since then (though I didn't play any of cata) just came back about 2 months ago and still went right for the pally. I put my mind to being a raiding ret pally back in TBC and was one of the first horde side on my server to do so and do it pretty well.. 440 days played on the pally are both sad and proud! lol.
I started this game on a Prot Pally at the end of Cata. Since then I have tried a Priest and DK, but neither of them could even compare to the fun I have had on this Paladin. When I started I wanted a hybrid type toon that could DPS and Heal. Paladins are exactly that. There is no other class in the game that I would rather play, there is just too much fun hidden beneath a Paladin! =D
'Cause Warriors suck. :p

This. Entirely. I love the crap out of warriors, but they are terrible and have been for a long time. Pally has never let me down <3

And those tier sets.
Goodie two-shoes? I wear armor covered in demon skulls and batwings. I hit people so hard it knocks the evil out of them, but first I take that evil and fear them with it.

so you are batman
One main, this is it. Same one for years.
Cause my original wow character.

And my Frost DK has crappy self heals.
Why play a pally.... .... ....

Bubblehearth.... nuff said
I eat paladins.. they are best with a little red wine vinegar and a pitch of soul seasoning
Because I have zero downtime as I am questing and uber survivability! And I like the animations/sound effects of retributions moves.
Started this game as a pally....although after all the years I now have everything there is an played them all an my golden haired light bringin goin super saiyen pally always gonna be the main for me lol
What I love the most about playing a paladin (prot/ret) is the amount of influence I have in an encounter.

Hand of Protection
Hand of Freedom
Hand of Sacrifice
Devotion Aura
Lay on Hands

All of these at one point or another have prevented a wipe and led to a kill in an encounter at some point in my raiding. Even now our utility grows with talents like Light's Hammer, (which look AMAZING by the way).

I have always felt that a paladin playing at max level has an incredible amount of control on whether his raid completes an encounter. The skill floor may be low for a pally, but the skill ceiling is quite high as well (almost deceptively slow).
Plus, Paladin mogs are the best. :3


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