Evermaw is not spawning

Bug Report
he is not spawning on our server anymore,he has been on a 45 minute timer or around that.then someone uses latern to do the ship.well the gy been there all day and no one has a latern cause shark isnt in game anymore. ive been on all day on my toons and ran around the island few times and no whale shark.
The same thing is happening on Winterhoof.
bump for hellscream
Bump for Hellscream
its working again on hellscream
Same issue on Kargath currently, Evermaw has not been up for a couple days.
No Evermaw on Lothar for over 4 hours.
Hellscream is busted
ya been broke on hellscream every single week since patch,and this time on its third day no evermaw.so no ship either.if you can not fix evermaw plz give us another way to get the latern to summons the ship.our two biggest coin drops dont work half the time
as of today still no evermaw,think ther retired him
Evermaw not spawning on Duskwood.

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