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All lower level healing potions seem to have their amounts healed changed, but in particular I notice that the Major Healing Potion (requires level 45) has been reduced greatly, and now heals much less than the previous tier of healing potion (Superior, requires level 35.)

The tooltip now states that it heals between 433-722 health. My heirloomed resto druid who just hit 45 has 4500 health. By contrast, the Superior Healing potion (level 35 requirement) heals between 947-1218 health.

edit: I used a major healing potion on a level 45 and it did indeed heal for about 600 health, so it's not just the tooltip.
noticed same issue with major healing potion - heals less than superior healing potion
I too just noticed this!

I had sent a level 47 alt a handful of consumables, including these health pots...

What I don't understand is that on ANY of my 90's, the tooltip is showing a correct/expected amount of 1400 health.... so I sent them to my lowb and they say 585, and healed for even less than that. (again, the alt is 47, 2 levels higher than req'd for these pots.)

Not sure if it's related or not, (probably not), but I swear a lot of enchant are doing this now too! I enchanted a handful of vellums to send to my lowly alt, and the stats in the tooltips fluctuated drastically between what my 90's saw and what the 47 sees. Now, I haven't leveled an alt in some time so for all I know this is "working as intended" to prevent lower lvl toons from being OP perhaps? As in... stats scaling with level maybe? I'm just saying, i just noticed the enchants scrolls tonight along with the potions.
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I enchanted a handful of vellums to send to my lowly alt, and the stats in the tooltips fluctuated drastically between what my 90's saw and what the 47 sees.

5.4 introduced enchant scaling, so that max-level enchants can now be applied to heirlooms, but there are lots of problems with that too. Similar enchants (e.g. + all stats) from different expansions give better or worse stats at a given character level when theoretically they should either be the same, or the enchant from a later expansion (MoP for example) should give better stats. It's a mess.

reposting from a reply I made in the profession forums:

Yep, with the introduction of enchant scaling all lower-level healing effects (bandages and potions) have seemingly "scaled" as well - except, the scaling does not seem to actually work. There are many cases I've noticed of items which require a lower level healing for more than the next, higher-level tier. I'm not sure why they felt the need to do this as the potions and bandages already had level requirements to use, so they were already scaled. It's not like we can give our alts, say, stacks of Master Healing Potion to use instead of the level-appropriate healing pot, which would be the similar to the enchant scaling.

I'm pretty pissed about how broken the pots and bandages are for lower levels, because many of them heal for 1) MUCH less than the previous tier and 2) much less than they healed before the patch. I've also paid attention to any possible "scaling" with character level and there is none, both in tooltip and use. My 90s see the original, pre-patch amount pots/bandages are supposed to heal; non-90s see very broken and nerfed amounts of healing that do NOT change as the alt levels up.
I just noticed this is broken also for a L58 Alt with these potions in his bags.

Major Healing Potion Req L45 Restores 700 health (1/2 what it should)
Major Mana Potion Rea L49 Restores 900 Mana (1/2 what it should)

By comparison:

Superior Healing Potion Req L35 restores 984 health
Superior Mana Potion Req L41 Restores 1238 Mana
(Bug in Restorative Consumables created by Professions)

I have experienced many of the same issues mentioned above.

My main (on Laughing Skull) is focused in Alchemy, and any Healing or Mana Potion past Superior level heals for -less- than it's superior level counterpart. Even having Mixology, I get greater healing from lower level potions.

There is also a similar problem with bandages:

Any form of Embersilk bandage (including the 'field expedient' one) shows no appreciable difference compared to its Frostweave counterpart.

Hopefully this bug will be noticed and fixed.

[Below is outside of proper reporting standards] -->

The primary issue I experience as a player relates to economy of effort. I do enjoy the flavor of having character specific abilities, but as these items currently function I am concerned that much of my previously spent effort is for naught. I.e. 'Why even pursue First Aid to start if it's effects are negligible in the long run?'
Ive noticed this as well on my 56 alt. seems pretty odd to me
With potions it doesn't make sense to scale them, as you can only use them at the required level. The potion should have maximum potential at the required level. Otherwise there would be no reason to have multiple healing potions anymore. Just one that scales up and down per level. The 45 greater healing potions are the worst as at level 46 they scale down to about 570 healing where the level 35 pvp potions still heal for 900ish. I think it's an oversight and would assume that blizzard will correct potions to not scale.
It isn't just the potions that seem to be displaying incorrectly. Just did a quick look and it is also the elixirs, bandages and foods.
I am wondering if anyone at Blizz is evening reading any of this or planning to correct it.
this is unacceptable blizz, my rogue is 55 and superior potions from 35 are better than major and super healing potions What is going on?
I wonder if we will get a blue post on this.......I just noticed this on my lvl 54 pally. I ended up vendoring all of my Major Healing potions because they are effectively worthless since this change has made the lower level potions heal for more.
I noticed this problem with healing potions weeks ago. I submitted a ticket even, and got a quick response that my potions were at low/high ends of the scaling. But the blizzard folks don't seem to get that some of the mid level potions have values which make no sense. I found one healing potion that was NEVER better than the potion "below it". I think it was the level 45 healing potion. ANyway I don't tjhink Blizzard really cares about fixing mid level healing potions because it's not endgame content.
Still bugged.
just noticed this when clearing pack. Hopefully this will get fixed with the item level squish coming in next patch.

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