Garrosh Loot Table Hotfix & Compensation

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25m has always dropped more loot than 10m raid versions ever since they made it were you could do 10 or 25 raid difficulties @ WotLK launch why cry now?
guild leader or raid leader? what if it was a half guild run with others from out of guild?

If people are pugging garrosh in it's first week and downing him, then I think they need to retune SoO.
Lore i am disappointed that this "oversight" made it to live. I get it people are prone to making mistakes and were not perfect however Wow is almost a decade old and various "oversights" seem to plague wow. Just alone in MOP we had an oversight where valor point gear wasn't transitioning to justice point which negatively affected alting and probably deterred any new and returning players.. Sure we finally got this in 5.4 but its too little too late and the worse offense was 522 gear wasn't included included in the update.

These little mistakes add up and now i hear you want to add 40% more to the wow team in order to COD wow with a new expansion every year yeah no way. You need to get back to putting quality in your games again. Not going to buy a new expansion every year if ends up being like cataclysm and mists of pandaria.

P.S. Suggestion to Blizzard to trademark the word oversight, just like soon.
Any chance on compensating those shamans that were consistantly farming for the Dark Shaman Armor in Flex pre-bug fix? Some peeps were farming for that armor in flex for months with no knowledge there was an issue. I think especially since Blizz never told us until the bug was being fixed that there was an issue. Some of us specifically go to flex JUST for the Dark Shaman armor (like me).

Any chance of compensation for that? Maybe even raising the drop rate RNG chance for it to drop? Its the least Blizz can do.
Terrible necro. Could have just made a new thread.
Give Normal Gary a small nerf while your at it. He's just as hard as the first heroic bosses.


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