How much dps should i be pulling?

Im a ret pally with an 521 item level, I can burst around 180k but after burst i fall down to about 80 to 70k dps and that seems really low for my gear. I just got back playing so if anyone can give me some tips or help me out it would be great.
Im by no means an expert, but bringing your hit/exp up to 7.5 will make a noticable difference.
Also once your haste starts getting up there youll notice a big difference in sustained dps when in between cooldowns.
I would also lose Immediate truth as a glyph, censure can end up doing alot of dmg.
Enchant your gear, get hit/exp capped, and changed immediate truth to exorcism in SoO.
You definitely need to optimize your gear a bit, that should boost your theoretical max DPS by about 5%. As for actual DPS, you should be pulling around 130k sustained, with burst at around 250-300, assuming that you're doing your rotation correctly.

Some good resources for you to check out would be AskMrRobot, and Elitist Jerks.
I do better dps than that on this character. 0o

You're probably doing something wrong rotationally as well as your gear not being optimized.
You should easily be bursting 300k and sustaining at least 150k.

Read that guide. All of it. Every single word. Live it.

Then enchant your gear. Pick up the ReforgeLite addon and use that to reforge your gear. The Ret preset is ready to go out of the box.

Also, pick up a new trinket. Darkmist Vortex is no bueno for ret.

Once all that is fixed, get CLCRet and use that to memorize your priority as ret. Oh, and finish leveling JC. It'll help. I promise.
Always upgrade your weapon first.
Ok fellow pallys, I'm in need of your guidance. I'm 573 and for some reason I feel like I'm truly lacking in my performance. I've got all my best gems and enchants, and I have reforged using Yet when ever I go into raids I often see other paladins in nearly the exact same gear (give or take a few ilvls) who are pulling easily 50-80k more dps than I am on most boss fights in Heroic SoO.

A little bit more about me, I'm a max level engineer using Synapse Springs on my gloves which I have macro'd to my Execution Sentence. This gives me 1920 strength for 10 seconds every minute. On top of that I'm also a max level JC with all my JC exclusive gems. All of my gear is fully upgraded as well.

In the course of a 1 minute Inquisition I sustained around 270k dps. I'm not using any cleave trinkets when I shouldn't be. If the boss doesn't have any amount of mobs I'll use my single target trinkets and I always switch to my cleave trinkets when in encounters with mobs. Granted neither of my trinkets are heroic. I'm getting my info from the addon Recount. If you could please take a look at my gear (if it would help) and offer any advice I would truly appreciate it and pay it forward. I know there is room for improvement but I just can't figure out where. Thanks for your time.
You're both massively over hit cap and massively under expertise cap.

The one log you're in with Shake on the same it's pretty obvious, but the others are pretty telling. You die at the start of fights over and over. You have only about a third the hammer of wrath on the fight that the other ret does, and you are using a cleave trinket. You shouldn't even have it. Nobody should.

The flat out answer is there is nothing really wrong with your gear. Your gear is capable of over 350k dps, single target sustained. You are not doing the dps you should be because you are playing poorly.
Because you're only using a green quality fishing pole! ;D
@Shank, the cleave trinket is bad. The only fight it is justifiable is spoils, but even then the hwf version isn't as good as a normal eeog or ttt. Speaking of, do you not have a thok's tail tip? If so, that is your best trinket, even better than evil eye.

Other than that, we start getting to question of cooldown usage, rotation, inq uptime, etc. Personally I feel that with a hwf weapon, you should be pulling more than 270k dps (especially if it is an aoe fight - most are in heroic).

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