Medallion of Tenacity

I'm not sure if I missed it in the patch notes but why does tyrannical/grievous gladiator's medallion of tenacity give stamina now instead of mastery?
I'm sorry if it's been mentioned or addressed by blues.
i don't get this change, seems a bit unfair for dps classes that crit isn't very useful for
Pretty sure it's just a bug, same thing happened on 5.3 ptr

I might be wrong though :(
I am so conflicted as to which to buy as an UH DK. Crit is so bleh to me and it is not he best stat for UH DK, and Stam will give me more health sure, but im looking to be the damage dealer.
Get the crit one and reforge a good portion of the crit into something else, mastery for warlocks seems to be the go to.

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