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Dread Ship Vazuvius now deals less damage with its Cannon Barrage, the range of its knockback ability has been reduced, and can apply its Eerie Fog effect more readily.

Okay, is it just me, or is is that first part outright false now? Since yesterday, Vazuvius has been a *beast*. It's hitting with its fire-on-the-water spell [is that Cannon Barrage? or is Cannon Barrage the spell it does if you stand in front of it?] *far* more often than just 48 hours ago, and the fire hurts *way* more. I often find myself having to move *constantly*, never having time even to cast a single heal before I'm standing in fire *again*. Worse, it ticks the *instant* it lands, whereas previously you had a moment to move out of it before you took damage. What happened, did the ship's crew eat its Wheaties or what?
What happened, did the ship's crew eat its Wheaties or what?

They had a Cliff bar for breakfast.
Vasuvius hates melee classes :(
Vasuvius hates melee classes :(

There's a sweet spot where you can hit the mob and not get knocked back, but when fires start building up, that sweet spot vanishes in no time :( I was a very unhappy monkey when I was playing on my DK :(
They stayrd at a LaQuinta last night.

Lucky Ducks.
I discovered a sweet spot that works every time for melee. Not telling though, it's my secret. Shhh..
Someone keeps offering it a Klondike Bar. This is what it does for said bar.
I just get underneath the ship in the water out of the range of the eerie fog and blast away. My demon is up close fighting underneath as well. I also see a lot of other people doing it that way.

If you see a friendly warlock in the area, ask them for the Unending Breath buff so you can stay down in the water the whole time. I always try to give it to as many players as I can target while I am down there.

It only took one fight for me to not get anywhere near the front or above the water with this fight again. So many corpse runs that fight!
Dread Ship trolled us earlier today. We got it down to 1% and it pulled up anchor and sailed off and despawned. No one got any loot. Now we call it Dread Troll Ship Vazuvius.
Swim under him ya gits :p The Dread ship is NOT a issue. Stay out of the front, dive under and profit. My Death Knight and Hunter have zero issues with fighting him.

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