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Timeless gear/burdens are designed to, more or less, follow the same rules as LFR/Flex. It's about the same ilvl and it's designed to keep you from creating the "perfect set" too fast. LFR/flex don't get to choose what loot drops either, but at least timeless isle + burden = guarantee of at least some item
09/17/2013 09:05 AMPosted by Timelord
Some like to keep it a surprise (this is what I do, I like learning as I go. I purposely don't use add-ons either)

Which is fine and dandy, but then there should not be posts from those types of players saying "I didn't know this! This needs changed!"

I shall agree with you there, my dear elf.
Well, I was able to grab the Burden of Eternity from the Blazing Chest. I was unaware that it works on unbound 496 items. That is seriously flawed since I was able to gear first, which binds my gear and now cannot use this since my gear is already bound? Fix it ASAP please!

How is it flawed? Those unbound armor tokens drop like candy.
09/17/2013 09:10 AMPosted by Loeden
but at least timeless isle + burden = guarantee of at least some item

Which is exactly what players have been asking for since LFR RNG does not seem to be nice to some players. This was designed by blizzard to, at the very least guarantee people loot and to help gear your alts. The burdens of eternity are nice pluses to help improve your gear and get ready for SoO

Ahhh one last little note for those that said not everyone reads the guides and patch notes ahead of time. While that may be the case and i applaud those that like going in blind (i like guides) One of the very beginning quests to the timeless isle, take you to the two vendors so you can see what they have available to purchase, and once again, for 50,000 coins you can purchase a Burden of Eternity. So even being brand new to the isle, you were given a chance to see it before even beginning :)

09/17/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Killercaitie
I shall agree with you there, my dear elf

:) For that I will stow my sword if we should meet on the isle
They don't want you to be able to farm up a bunch of the 496 pieces, keep making them until you get the optimal stats, then use the 535 upgrade on that piece only.

agreed, that would be too logical and efficient.
:) For that I will stow my sword if we should meet on the isle

I'm never flagged nor a PvPer, but I do appreciate it.

I will however throw bunny ears upon you, & there is not a damn thing you can do about it, good sir.

I have 5 (useful) pieces of timeless gear. Took 12 burdens to get them since one stat stuff is ilvl booster/de fodder. It's all about RNG because the armor tokens practically jump in your bag. Considering LFR will drop 528 it would be ridiculous to cherry pick ideal 535 pieces.
Honestly I used up my armor tokens gearing my offspec before I even received a burden/knew what one was. Now whenever I loot a chest or kill an elite I don't get armor tokens because there DOES seem to be a limit on how many pieces you can get/the likelyhood of them dropping.

I wish I had known this sooner because now I have 2 burdens and want to use them on a head/waist that I just cannot get! Hoping the new week will give me a second chance at armor tokens.

Also I think I have the worst luck with the chest gambling... ever... not to mention I started doing t after the hotfix nerf.
Still no Burdens for me - saving the chest for later so I have something to look forward to. LOL!
Very envious of those of you with multiple Burdens (that sounds.....odd).
09/17/2013 08:50 AMPosted by Gabriael
You can always get another piece of timeless gear that you can use and then use Burden on it ......the timeless gear drops all over the isle.....


I've been back a few times and I see very little chests spawning anywhere. I won't kill the rares anymore there is just too many yellow flagged people on the island now.

Do the chest just stop spawning for a character after the first time your there.

If your on a pve aka normal realm then you just have to pay attention not to get flagged or attack those that are on censer stones aka yellow allies...as for chest there are a few chests that will come back today ..they are called weekly chests and can be looted each week...this link has a map and listing of all the chests on the isle...

I been farming the isle non-stop. Out of all my loot! I have only received one burden of eternity. An yet have not gained another. The drop rates need to be increased. We should not have to spend 48 hours here and not receive another. I gained one from the promised chest! Other than that since the isle has been here that's all I have received. Also when trying to down Evermaw my Action keys lock every time. The hit box also needs to be bigger.
When needing to down weekly celest boss's and to get all four down for quest or just the fun of it all. I think yall should fix it to where people have to stay or able to be tagged even if horde is fighting them. I went two weeks before I could get my cloak due to this issue.

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