advice plz

i know i dont have a very great ret pally and i figure its past time for me to work on my gear. im just not entirely sure where to start. what do i need and where can i get it from?

Start there, if you have any additional questions after reading the guide, feel free to ask

Stam gem bad - pure blue gem bad, period. SoO LFR opens this week, so don't worry about enchants and gems too much, but you definitely reforge for hit/expertise caps; you're dreadfully low on hit and a good bit over expertise, both need to be 7.5%.
Your gear isn't horrible. Your ilevel is high enough to get you into SoO lfr today, so you'll definitely want to do that. Save a coin for the Sha of Pride, as a nice two-handers drops there. Then, kill the celestials and Ordos on the Timeless isle for a shot at t16 gear and warforged gear from Ordos.

Good luck!
thanks yall.... now i have an idea of what to do when the game is back up :)

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