What do i need to do to be better player?

I have taken a 6 month break from the game and came back, there seems to be a lot of catching up to do, I recently joined a Flex Raid, and my dps was very subpar 84k. I tried hard but was doing something wrong on the third boss, is there any good UI or mods anyone can recommend to me help me increase my DPS im using standard UI and I believe having my abilitys all over the action bars does not help me. I also was using seal of righteous ability on the boss im wondering if the Crusader Strike for a single mob does more dps output.
The 5.4 ret guide is here; http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9753545568 It's not stickied yet.

Start there, then fix your bars. You don't want to be reaching all over the place to dps.
Bartender addon for your action bars is pretty cool

Get an addon for tracking inquisition would be helpful, I use tellmewhen.

Reforgelite is a must addon for your reforges !

I'm prot , so don't really feel good bout talking bout ret .. And I know there are several rets on here that will chime in soon along with cayse's suggestion!

Hit a target dummy a lot, build the mucle memory required to execute your rotation regardless of what is going on in a fight. Download a add on to track buffs/debuffs (weak aruas/raven) and learn to stack cds for maximum burst. Know what is going on before you enter a fight. Key bind everything and use your mouse for movement.

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