Another hotfix and still no fix to Curios?

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So still no hotfix on the Timeless Curio bug? Ele Shamans/Boomkin Druids/Shadow Priests getting the healing trinket and not the dps one?

The response I got, though not copy/paste, still shows a lack of understanding here. I will use ()'s to input my opinion.

I've taken some time to review our policies and to review your petition in about the Loot Specialization issue we seem to be experiencing. I wanted to provide you some information that wasn't simply pasted but thought out. ^_^

Currently, our only means of restoration is if your class is unable to use the item. An example of this would be a Mage receiving a plate piece or a Rogue receiving a Mail piece. They can't use, there's nothing they can do but vendor or disenchant it, so in that instance we step in and provide them a different random piece.

So, we are aware that the Loot Spec is acting up a little bit currently, there are usually major issues with patches and content changes. That being said, we've been informed that we cannot assist with this at this time, but for future use, to please make sure your Loot Spec is set as your actual Spec, until we can get a potential fix.
("We know the system is bugged, but we cannot do anything to help. You must've been in the wrong loot spec." I am glad you at least acknowledge the fact the system is buggy. But to make me feel like I had done something wrong when I haven't seems a bit rude.)

I also wanted to let you know the MAJOR reason for this is the item is randomized. It could have so many different specs to change them all for preference would be game breaking. Because you are able to equip the item, we are unable to refund it. I would take time to be extremely careful about creating gear that using an in-game currency, especially since Loot Specialization has been introduced.
(The items are randomized per spec, yes. But if a dps caster is given a healing trinket, that is a bug and the system is not working as intended. Just because there are 5 trinkets, does not mean everyone can get all 5. An Arms warrior will never see the Agility trinket due to it not being his spec. But if they somehow acquired this trinket, they would be unable to get a fix because "They can use it"? Also, this particular gear does not use currency at all. It is a random drop on the Timeless Isle.)

I know it's frustrating, especially because of the time spent acquiring the tokens. I strongly feel that if you want to see vendors in the game for this, petition into Development through our in-game suggestion. We can report back to them but you are the keyholder - you are the reason they exist. Without a player base, Development ceases to exist.
(This was a nice addition, but had nothing to do with my complaint. The issue is either fix the system, or make another way to acquire the items properly.)

Again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may of caused you. I completely understand and hopefully we'll have some updates in the near future with a possible workaround or means of fixing it.

I would also highly suggest keeping an eye on the Hot Fixes. We often update whenever something has been resolved! - Hot Fixes

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