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BlizzCon 2013 is fast approaching, and we want to ensure the World of Warcraft Art panel not only has the visual content and insights we’ve presented in the past, but also show things that you specifically have always wanted to see discussed. We’re also looking at the possibility of including you in the panel by way of your questions recorded via YouTube!

Curious about how we create a weapon? Want to know what it’s like to animate a battle pet? Pondering the finer points of poly counts? The sky is the limit! Help us make the art panel you want to see by posting or recording your questions and ideas for how we can show the processes and content as presented by the World of Warcraft art team.

Reply to this thread with your questions or ideas, or link to a YouTube video of yourself asking our art team a question that could lead to us showing off cool content and processes.

Here are a few pointers to help everyone get the most out of this:

  • Be aware of what other people are asking. We’re not tallying votes here, so if someone has already asked something there’s no need for you to ask it again, and another post with the same question will just fill up the thread that much quicker.
  • Let’s stay constructive, and ask questions that are likely to have answers we can give. Statements reworded into questions, or questions asking for big content reveals are likely to be ignored or removed.
  • This is for the art panel! Our artists make art, so questions about class balance, servers, systems design, etc. aren’t going to be of much help.
  • Let’s keep the thread on-topic. If you want to talk more about a specific topic, please take it to another thread.
  • If you record a YouTube video (and we hope you do!) please keep in mind that quality of the video and trademark infringement are big considerations. We’re not going to be able to use low-res videos, or ones with lots of trademarked products/logos showing or unlicensed music player over the top.

That should cover it, and thank you for helping us to shape the World of Warcraft Art Panel you want to see!
Will we ever get to submit artwork to have a chance of getting that artwork implemented in the game?

I think It'd be cool to see an item designed by a player.
Will models like Jaina and Tyrande ever be updated to look appropriate? Also how long does it take to update a racial leaders look, and will we ever see updates for Baine or Lor'themar? Or will those just come when model updates change every NPC in the game?

Additionally would a lot change on characters that are already updated but based on the old models when those old models are updated, other than animations? (Like Vol'jin or Malfurion).
The biggest thing I want to see from the art panel is a glimpse at new player models / animations. Ever since Tyrande got her new model, I got so excited about the fact that maybe my druid could have that level of detail in her face / hair.

As an emphasis, seeing how you guys are working out this model revamps and how you are planning to integrate it into the game sounds SUPER INTERESTING.


This is a good example of a statement reworded into a question. You're stating you think something looks bad, and phrasing it in the form of a question. These kinds of non-questions can't really be answered as they're not intended to receive a satisfactory response. Instead, you could ask "What determines when a faction leader will have their visuals updated?"

Let's stay on-topic though, and please reference the bullet points before posting.

Hey I edited it before you said anything, because I thought you would get mad at the "good" part. The discrepancy from their described appearance to their in-game appearance being appropriate. (ie Tyrande's incorrect hair color, or Jaina's thick make up)
first off props on Mists. It is a triumph of artistic design. I've spent hours literally flying in circles just admiring the scenery.

Second, can we see how armor sets are made from start to finish? and do you have any sets that you never got to use that you still like?
I would like to see maybe a side by side of old and new. Say trees in elwen forest vs new trees. stuff like that. Would also like to see the stuff in raw polygons with no art on them just so you can compare the old amount of polygons vs new.
i'm waiting for new moonkin model since 2008, i can have hope for next exp?
How many iterations of a set of armor do you go through before deciding on the one that will go live? Is there any way we could see designs that changed as the process moved forward?

At the end of an expansion, are there ever items (armor or weapons) that are 100% finished, but remain unused?
How do you go about designing the looks/appearance/spell effects of boss/npc encounters in game, or more specifically in raid encounters? Are they inspired from other forms of media (ie. descriptions from novels, other animation, etc.)? Very interested to see the design process behind things like the Norushen and Sha of Pride encounter.
-Will we ever have furry tauren in game. What about other more elaborate material qualities besides fur.

-Are interactive animations a possibility, what are the barriers that have kept them out so far

-Are body type choices ever going to be an option, what about ethnic race choices

-Is the high amount of embellishment in armor styles a concrete design direction, or will high quality but simple armor designs ever make a come back.

-player accessories such as scabards, quivers and tomes have been discussed in the past. Can we expect to see things like this in the future?

-human beards :(

-Are there any environments from WoW's past you'd like to build more assets for. Are there any you'd rather never look at again.

-With discussions about updating the models, often times there is concern about how the old armor models will look on the newer character models. How close are we to the point where rebooting WoW's art assets would be less work than trying to make the old stuff look new?
Holy cow all of these questions are questions I would love to hear answers to. Especially the ones about armor sets. I've always wanted to attend Blizzcon, and this year I'm finally going!

My contribution is this: Do you have "sub-teams" within the art team that specialize in a certain type of armor set or class? Or does everyone work on a little bit of everything as needed?
Hi as an art student I have been really blown away by the sheer amount of art assets produced for this expack amazing job!

So my question is, what is the approval process for new art assets, such as weapons or props, is it one person who green lights the final version or a group of people? and is there a periodic check done from concept rough to modeled version of the said art asset?
How has the knowledge of famous artworks influenced the creative process of World of Warcraft?
Can't wait for Blizzcon!

My Question:

What sort of flavor rules do you normally follow when designing each classes gear? For example, we almost always see the Shaman with an elemental motif, and the rogues gear usually looks like they could sneak around without being heard, Warlocks are SCARY, stuff like that :)
When the new models come out, will we be able to re-customize them or will they be automatically updated with the new textures?
- Will we ever again see the breadth of armor design in "green" drops that we had in Vanilla / Burning Crusade?

- Are there any plans to upgrade the textures of items from these two eras, so that it doesn't look as though the high-texture characters made their armor out of play-doh?

- Next expansion: Crystals, right? Seems the expansions alternate between crystals and trees as major landform features. Just saying :)

- Another armor design question - any plans to make "race specific" armor, even only as appearance sets? Trolls undoubtedly have a different "flavor" than dwarves, so wouldn't say, a dwarven shaman wear different stuff than a troll shaman?

- Are there any plans for city redesigns, ala Orgrimmar and Stormwind? Darnassus is looking a little Alpha Version, with its shop signs announcing "food" and "swords."

- Will the new gnome model have shins?
I'm always curious about specific sources of inspiration, be they architectural, cultural, mythological, etc. Basically any information on the thoughts and intentions behind any of the concept art.
- Will any old abilities have a visual re-work like Wrath and lightning bolt?

- Will Male Blood Elves ever stand up straight instead of "crooked"?


- Will Druids ever get their armor to cross over onto their Shape-shifted forms?

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