Better spec for CM?

I have a 90 pally sittin on alliance side, not the best of gear... so i was wondering as i plan to move him to horde side which is the "better" spec for CM gold?

Yes, I know its a learning curve, and won't get it on my first try, however as I have no bias towards specific specs figured i'd ask.

When I did it, which was very recently, I was Ret spec. So long as you have a solid group you should be fine. I would however recommend having a Blood DK Tank and a Disc Priest as they have lots of CD's for big pulls. And just to summarize this was our group comp:

Blood DK - Disc Priest - Ele Shaman - Ret Paladin - Ret Paladin

Then Changed too:

Blood DK - Disc Priest - Ele Shaman - Ele Shaman - Ret Paladin

Just watch your surroundings and don't be afraid to reset the run. We did one run 8 times within the first 10 minutes, but we ended up working past it! =)
Ret's one of the better specs for cms as long as you dont go for world records which require ranged in some instances.

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