how to move account bound items.

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I just received some plate account bound items, how can they be moved to Servers that I have characters that can use them?
BOA items cannot be moved to different servers
As of right now, there is no way to mail cross server. Your only option would be to move a character holding the items to the realm you'd like to use them on.
pay $25 and move the said character to the other characters server...cant mail cross server.
Unfortunately the only way to move them to alts is to mail them, and you can't send mail to another server. You'd have to transfer a toon to transfer the gear.

On the plus side, it's so easy to get the items that you can just go to the Isle on your alt and get most or all of the same items.
Have to move a character to that server with the BoA items in their inventory, the plus side you can mail cross faction with those items on that server.

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