Guild Murloc Squad - dishonest

Let's just start this off by saying "No hablo espanol".

I joined this guilds like in Group Finder as they were listed as needing heals for a guild run. Started off pretty well as I was padding the healing meters and consistently was top heals easily.

We downed Fetid and the warlock Choup received a Helm (Horrific Amalgam's Hood 355) that he/she did not need and stated in raid chat "roll por el casco", as i assumed it was roll for the helm as other clothies were rolling so did I. BAM! rolled a 99 which beat the other 90 from Zahera (Holy Priest). I quickly google translated the phrase which was roll for the helm. I was geeked as I was yet to get any loot from this run yet. But as I targeted Choup wondering where he was to open a trade, Zahera was there, standing right next to him/her while targeting each other. No words were said about it in raid chat after my roll of 99.

Choup then states in raid chat "cant do it :s" After sending a tell to the raid leader and pleading my case, (Kuume - DK) says "he said it was bounded idk". To follow with a "if you dont like it, u should leave then" in raid chat. I was kicked from the raid......

What ever happened to honesty? I can say this has not happened to me in over 5+ years, and to be lied to as if I would believe it?

I understand wanting to give gear to your guild over a random player, but if this was planned then I believe it should have been stated in the posting of his needing heals. Therefore I never would have joined.

If this save it from happening to someone else, I've done my job.

Safe Travels

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