Feliz aniversario de 7 anos Diablo 3.

Hoje faz 7 anos que o jogo foi lançado, estava eu a 7 anos atrás furiosamente xingando tudo e a todos porque não conseguia logar no jogo auuhahua.

E pra comemorar a data o presidente da Blizzard deu uma entrevista a forbes e falou sobre o futuro da franquia.
Wyatt [Cheng] is the person who did the announcement for Diablo: Immortal, and he was one of the top systems designers on Diablo IIIand on Reaper of Souls. He also worked on World of Warcraft encounters before that. So he’s been a Blizzard designer for more than 10 years, probably almost 15 years, deeply involved with the Diablo universe. How are we gonna make sure that this is a Blizzard game? By making it a Blizzard game. How are we gonna make sure that it monetizes and has the right Blizzard values? By making sure it has the right Blizzard values in our monetization. It’s going to have our name on it.

Como vamos garantir que o jogo seja um jogo Blizzard? Mandando uma empresa chinesa fazer e colocando nosso logo claro.
Como vamos garantir que a monetização seja justa? Cobrando valores by blizzard, tipo 80 reais pra um serviço simples no wow.

I think we saw a little bit of that when we announced that Diablo III was gonna come to console as well. There was a lot of fear and suspicion around that decision. I think that if you look at the industry as a whole, I think many people have had–and this depends on your age and how long you’ve had a mobile phone–many people have had a dream of being able to have an awesome, fun gaming experience on their device that they have with them all the time. As phones become more sophisticated and become more powerful, I think the desire to have a Blizzard-quality mobile experience has continued to increase in, certainly our minds, and I think the minds of fans as well.

So, if you think about the work we did with Hearthstone to try to bring that to phone, that’s sort of step one. This is sort of step two. And frankly, there will be other steps, because we believe in mobile as a platform for gaming in the future. That doesn’t mean that we don’t mean that we don’t believe in console gaming as a platform for the future. We certainly do. That doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in PC gaming as a platform for the future. We certainly do.

E sobre o futuro? Achamos que celulares são tops e queremos lançar tudo que podemos pra eles porque é onde a garotada torra a grana dos pais.
Se ainda damos atenção aos consoles e PC? É é é é damos sim, pode acreditar.

Obrigado por nada blizzard.

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