Mudança nos Trinkets - Bursts Nerfados

Eae galera e galerinha. Pra quem não acompanha o saiu as novas hotfixes, e nela diz que os trinkets foram "nerfados". Segue o que foi dito:

After reviewing the data and player feedback, we remain concerned that on-demand burst damage remains too high in PvP. After investigation, we determined that the on-use PvP trinkets are a major contributor to extremely high burst output. As a consequence, in the near future we will be applying hotfixes to smooth out the damage provided by these PvP trinkets. In the case of the Gladiator's Badges this means cutting the amount of primary stat or PvP Power provided, but also cutting their cooldown in half. For the Kor'kron and SI:7 manuals, the cooldown of those trinkets will remain unchanged, but the amount of stats provided will be reduced and the duration of the buff will be increased. The overall damage provided by these trinkets should not be affected; only the burst they are capable of providing.

For example: The Dreadful Gladiator’s Badge of Victory will shortly provide 2553 Strength once every minute, instead of 5105 Strength every 2 minutes. Please note that due to limitations in hotfix technology, the item tooltips and buffs will still incorrectly display the original stat value of 5105.

We are aware of the possibility that certain PvE trinkets could become more attractive for PvP in the wake of these hotfixes. While that is somewhat unlikely given that adopting those items would represent a significant loss of PvP Power and Resilience, we will nonetheless keep a close eye on the situation and make adjustments to the appropriate items if necessary.

Como diz aí, o dano dos trinkets que usamos na hora dos bursts, foram nerfados, mas o seu CD foi reduzido pela metade.
Exemplo: Em vez de 5105 de força a cada 2 minutos, teremos 2553 a cada 1 minuto.

Pra mim foi algo muito bom, os bursts ultimamente estão absurdamente altos haha.

ps: A ideia eu já disse, quer tradução completa? Joga no google tradutor.

O que vocês acharam dessa mudança? Comentem ae :D

Obs: Essa mudança já está ativa no jogo desde 10/12/2012
Não criei na área de jogador v.s jogador porque isso também afeta o PVE.

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