Hearthstone Live Stream: Community Choice - Live Today!

Hearthstone Live Stream: Community Choice - Live Today!

Hearthstone’s latest live stream is almost here! Join community team member Christina “Zeriyah” Sims as she pilots the deck most voted-on by you, our awesome community! Was your favorite class chosen to test its might against Hearthstone’s greatest Heroes? Tune in to find out: The stream starts at 10 a.m. PDT!

Click here to watch the live stream!

Learn more about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on the official site and stop by the forums to take part in the discussion. Opt in to the beta on Battle.net here.

*Warning: We caution you against tormenting, taunting, poking, or otherwise irritating any caster class. They are known for summoning hostile demons, warping their opponents’ minds, turning them  into small animals, or dissolving them into a sticky, goo-like substance. 

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