December 2nd - Hearthstone™ Top Ranked Players – North America

December 2nd - Hearthstone™ Top Ranked Players – North America

Today, we’d like to share with you our top 50 ranked players from the North American closed beta test. Many of you have been participating in Play mode and offering your feedback on Hearthstone, but these players have gone the extra mile and worked their way up the current ladder system to become one of the top ranked Hearthstone players in North America.

This information is currently not immediately visible in-game and we are offering it as a nod of appreciation to those who continue to test, participate, and compete in the current version of Play mode as we work on implementing our new Ranked Play system that we announced at BlizzCon 2013.

Please note that this list only includes players who have played at least 50 games in Play mode and are currently at the three-star Master ranking. This data is up-to-date as of last Thursday, November 28.

Pull up a chair and join us in recognizing this week’s top 50 Hearthstone players in North America!

1 Savjz
2 Comber
3 weet
4 Shapis
5 Ryda
6 Railed
7 gadm7
8 Wavelet
9 SuperSB
10 Kithros
11 Mod
12 zykon
13 Picklz
14 Dekar
15 watlok
16 Fjord
17 curi
18 Kberry
19 zShock
20 memz
21 Xuan
22 Sylas
23 Auren
24 nomainous
25 Moochero
26 Cousy
27 XzaM
28 Sandwhale
30 Amercnidiot
31 Bluewolf
32 SpaceCowboy
33 aname
34 Tovalkin
35 Dayoni
36 Drakolich
37 Leeamus
38 Leahcim
39 Reddie
40 Jez
41 Philo
43 Vyril
44 fixate
45 Xanaclu
46 Mundungu
47 TheBawse
48 JoonHyuk
49 CrowbarMatt
50 Strings

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