The Art of Bayardwu

"Tell me of your travels."

- Pandaren Greeting

The Heroes of the Nexus come from all walks of life, and many of them have been hardened by the numerous battles they've witnessed and participated in within their respective universes.

In this Community Showcase, we'd like to spotlight the character-rich fan art of Bayardwu, whose impressive illustrations stretch across the far reaches of Azeroth, Sanctuary, the Koprulu Sector and beyond. They often showcase a deep sense of location and story, and you can check out a number of his pieces below!

"Balance" "Warsong Never End"

"Unrest Mountain"

"Show Time" "Yellow Snake"

"Blood of Theramore"

How many total characters can you count in his pieces? Which of his paintings is your favorite?

If you're eager to see more of Bayardwu's work, make sure to check out his gallery on DeviantART, and follow him on his blog!

"Blood and Thorn"

Are you working on any Blizzard fan creations or Heroes fan art? Make sure to tell us all about them over in our Community Creations forum!

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