Welcome to the Nexus!

New to Heroes of the Storm? We've gathered up a list of rewards and promotions you may not be aware of and put them all into one convenient blog! Recruit a friend, play Blizzard games, build a team, and take the Nexus Challenge to earn tons of epic rewards! 

New Player Guide

For more information on the ins-and-outs of Heroes of the Storm, check out our Heroes Defy website here.

Play Blizzard Games, Earn Rewards

Discover more Heroes of the Storm rewards you can receive for playing other Blizzard titles by clicking the images below: 


Take the Nexus Challenge

NexusChallenge_Square.jpg        Get five Heroes free when you play 30 games of Heroes of the Storm with a Friend before January 4. Bonus: Also includes the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch, which is available after you’ve played your first fifteen games with a friend. Click the image to the left for more information on the Nexus Challenge!



       Even the mightiest Heroes know that it’s foolish to stand alone while battling in the Nexus. Rally your friends and fight side-by-side for glory, honor, and some epic rewards! Click the image to the right for more information and to begin recruiting your friends! RAF_Mount.jpg


Build a Team on Facebook

SpiderMount.jpg        Which Heroes best fit your Facebook friends? Find out and unlock an exclusive reward: the skittering Mechanospider mount. Click the image to the left to dive into our Team Builder app and earn your reward!

Welcome to the Nexus, Heroes. Good luck and have fun!

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