The Eternal Conflict


Light & Brimstone

Angels and demons bring their eternal conflict to the Nexus, where bitter enemies may become allies, and vice versa, in a war as ancient as time. Great heroes collide on ageless battlefields, vying for the supremacy of the High Heavens or the Burning Hells. Only one side shall prevail—until the next match, of course.

Charge into the fray with new heroes and mounts; fight in challenging new battlegrounds; look your best with awesome new skins; and earn great glory—or gold—in a crucible of blood, fire, and... treasure goblins.


New Heroes

Epic new heroes from either side of the Eternal Conflict have been drawn into the Nexus. Will you fight for the High Heavens as paragons of virtue and courage? Or will you represent the Burning Hells, and leave only death and ashes in your wake?

An Eternity of War

The hallowed and the profane clash in the Battlefield of Eternity, site of a deadly conflict that has raged for millennia. Find powerful Immortals and demonic mercenaries as you seek to tip the scales of this endless battle. Do you have what it takes?

New Skins and Mounts

Kit out your favorite heroes with brand-new Eternal Conflict skins and mounts. Inspire your team with angelic regalia heralding your divine providence, or don demonic disguises and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!


Goblin Infiltration

treasure goblin kills

Heroes! The Nexus has been infiltrated by scores of miscreant goblins. They prance and frolic throughout, hauling large sacks of stolen gold. This will not stand. Daily quests have been posted, demanding that the Nexus’ denizens slay the dastardly looters on sight. Remember, the first goblin kill of the day will net some gold for your purse. Happy hunting!

If you wish to participate, simply log into the game and play. You’ll get a daily quest, separate from the regular quest cycle, to kill a treasure goblin. As you ready your weapons and prepare for battle, one of these little miscreants may appear. Eliminate the creature and its death will be added to a tally reflecting the progress of the hunt. Remain vigilant, heroes: there might be more to these goblins in the months to come.