Diablo® III: Rise of the Necromancer

Diablo® III In-Game Content

USD 14.99

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Return to the mortal realms with deadly new powers of blood, bone and essence. The Rise of the Necromancer Pack unearths a trove of new Diablo III content, including:

New Hero Class - Necromancer

Command legions of risen dead and wield the dark arts as the male and female Necromancer

+2 Character Slots

Support your growing roster of battle-hardened heroes.

+2 Stash Tabs

Expand your formidable collection of weapons, armor and gear across all heroes.

Wings of Crypt Guardian

Unfurl wings of deathly energies with any hero in your roster.

Half-Formed Golem Pet

Summon a Half-Formed Golem pet on the battlefield to fetch gold from your fallen enemies.

Banner Shape, Banner Sigil, and Pennant

Bear the heraldry of the Necromancer as you battle throughout the mortal realms.

Age Rating

Blood and Gore Violence Partial Nudity Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB