Is your guild ready for a change?

After adventuring together for a while, you and your guild might be looking to change things up. It might be as simple as changing the guild’s name, or a big step like switching the guild’s faction or realm, paving the way to new challenges and future glories.

Guild Name Change

This service allows the Guild Master to pick a new guild name, provided it’s not already in use on the realm. You get one for free when you perform a Guild Master Faction Change or Realm Transfer.

Guild Master Faction Change or Realm Transfer

This is a realm or faction change for your Guild Master that also brings along the guild’s framework (including the guild’s progression and vault). They can be performed together for a discount!

Make sure to tell your guild!

Before you transfer realms or switch factions, make sure you let your guild know – because everything moves except your guild members! They’ll receive an in-game mail with instructions on how to follow you. Read the FAQ for more information.

Age Rating

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