Avenge the Betrayed

Lead your army as Alarak, the cunning Highlord of the Tal’darim. Cut through the enemy with the full extent of his psionic strength as you draw support from your own units to stay in the fight. Your vengeance is at hand.

Control a Heroic Unit

Wield the prowess of Alarak himself on the battlefield as you sacrifice your own minions to heal and empower him while using the devastating abilities of your new heroic unit to crush the enemy. Keep Alarak on the front line for maximum destruction.

Command the Tal’darim

Obliterate your foes with an army of Tal’darim units like the Havoc and the Vanguard, whose abilities set them apart from other protoss. Employ their unique combat potential to craft devious and effective stratagems.

Ascend to Greater Power

Gain experience to unlock Alarak’s deadliest units, traits, and abilities. Send powerful Ascendants into battle and summon the full might of the Death Fleet.


Blood and Gore Mild Language Suggestive Themes Violence Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB