Update Parental Control Settings

Updated: 1 year ago
Article ID: 14213

Common Problems

  • I want to update the playtime limits for my child
  • How can I re-enable purchases?
  • I lost the email with the link to access the Parental Controls

To set up parental controls, log in to Account Settings with the child's account and select Parental Controls. To modify the Parental Controls on your child's account, visit the Parental Portal. To remove the Parental Controls, contact Customer Support.

If you are getting stuck in a "loop" verifying your email account, first check the email you were sent with instructions on how to verify. If you are following the correct steps, try the following troubleshooting

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then try again
  • Try accessing the page from a different browser
  • Try accessing the page from a different device and a different network (for example, your phone with the WiFi disabled so that you're using the data plan)