Alliance Reputation Horde Reputation
Battle for Azeroth
Proudmoore Admiralty<==>Zandalari Empire
Storm's Wake<==>Talanji's Expedition
Order of Embers<==>Voldunai
7th Legion<==>The Honorbound
Waveblade Ankoan<==>The Unshackled
Warlords of Draenor
Hand of the Prophet<==>Vol'jin's Headhunters
Council of Exarchs<==>Frostwolf Orcs
Wrynn's Vanguard<==>Vol'jin's Spear
Sha'tari Defense<==>Laughing Skull Orcs
Mists of Pandaria
Pearlfin Jinyu<==>Forest Hozen
Baradin's Wardens<==>Hellscream's Reach
Wildhammer Clan<==>Dragonmaw Clan
Wrath of the Lich King*
Valiance Expedition<==>Warsong Offensive
The Frostborn<==>The Hand of Vengeance
Explorer's League<==>The Taunka
Burning Crusade
Honor Hold<==>Thrallmar
Home Cities**
Darnassus<==>The Undercity
Gnomeregan<==>Thunder Bluff
Ironforge<==>Darkspear Trolls
Gilneas<==>Bilgewater Cartel
Tushui Pandaren<==>Huojin Pandaren
Obsidian Warders<==>Dark Talons
Classic World of Warcraft***
League of Arathor<==>Defilers
Silverwing Sentinels<==>Warsong Outriders
Stormpike Guard<==>Frostwolf Clan

*Silver Covenant and Sunreavers are set to Neutral on faction change.  

**If you convert between two non-Allied races, your character's home-city reputation converts to your new home city, with other racial reputations subject to default conversions.

***Wintersaber Trainers and Tranquillien do not have a counterpart and are set to Neutral on faction change.