Gladiator Mounts and Titles Missing

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Common Problems

  • My previous season's gladiator mounts are missing after the Shadowlands pre-patch
  • I can't find any of my old gladiator mounts or titles

With the Shadowlands prepatch, Gladiator mounts have become account-wide. However, the unique [Season] Gladiator title will remain character specific. The change from an earlier announcement that the titles will be account-wide was corrected in a Blizzard forum post.

Gladiator mounts will only become account-wide once you log into the character after the change. Only the full seasonal title (for example, Merciless Gladiator) carries over to the next season. Note that there are 2 tiers of seasonal rewards:

  • Rank 1: The permanent [Season] Gladiator title and unique Rank 1 achievement
    • The achievement and title carry over to the next season
  • Rank 2: The seasonal mount, the temporary Gladiator title, and the appropriate achievement
    • These titles (Gladiator, Duelist, etc.) do not carry over to the next season and must be earned again in the new season.
Having the Gladiator mount does not guarantee access to the Rank 1 title.

If you are experiencing other issues, please submit a bug report.