Didn't Receive Memory from Dungeon Completion

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I didn't get a memory from my Halls of Atonement M+2
  • I didn't get a memory from the dungeon I just ran that's supposed to have it

With patch 9.1.5, the drop rates of Runecarving recipes found in dungeons have been increased to 100% on all difficulties.

Before your character is eligible to receive legendary memories at all, however, they must have unlocked the legendary crafting ability by unlocking the Runecarver in Torghast by completing the initial questline up through The Weak Link. If you have completed a dungeon which drops a legendary power for your character's class, check to make sure you've completed this quest.

If you have unlocked the Runecarver but the memories are not dropping, please reach out for Customer Support for assistance.