The Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost service levels a character on your World of Warcraft account to level 70.

You can buy an Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost in the in-game or Shop.

A clickable icon on your character selection screen will indicate that you have a Character Boost ready to use.


When the boost is applied, your character receives a new set of gear appropriate to your level, four 30-slot bags, and a 26-slot reagent bag. The gear the character was originally wearing - and everything in the character’s inventory - is sent to the in-game mailbox.

All boosted characters receive the Pristine Survival Kit containing basic food, potions, and a small amount of gold. In addition, some classes will receive the Adventurer's Footlocker which contains off-spec weapons. 


Your character will also receive the Artisan Riding skill and the ability to fly in all flight-enabled zones, except those gated behind an achievement (such as Pathfinder). If you didn't have any flying mounts, you'll receive a basic one.

Professions are not boosted.


Your character will be ready to play WoW content: quests, dungeons, and raids.

Incomplete quests are automatically abandoned, and all quest items destroyed. To restart any of the abandoned quests, visit the relevant quest giver.

The following Dragonflight content is included in the boost:

  • Dragon Isles Adventure Mode
  • Guardians of the Dream campaign available to start
  • Dragon Isles map and all flight points
  • Access to Zaralek Caverns
  • Four basic Dragonriding mounts and the Winding Slitherdrake
  • 20 Renown Levels for the four initial Major Factions, and 12 Renown Levels for Niffen
  • Main Major Factions' features, like Travel Network Waygates, Dragonscale Expedition talents, and Tuskarr Fishing Gear
  • 5000 Dragon Isles Supplies

Content from previous expansions must be unlocked through normal play:

  • Shadowlands - Visit Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in your faction capital to start the questline to enter the Shadowlands and unlock Covenants.
  • Battle for Azeroth - Start the War Campaign by talking to the Hero's Herald in Stormwind or Warchief's Herald in Orgrimmar
  • Legion - Visit Dalaran to start the quest to unlock your Class Order Hall and to obtain your artifact weapon.
  • Warlords of Draenor - Visit the Dark Portal to start the quest to unlock your garrison.

Boosted characters cannot enter dungeons and raids from previous expansions for the first 24 hours.


  • You cannot purchase a character boost in another region
  • Customer Support will not assist with any mistakes using a boost
  • Allied Races - Boosted Allied Race characters will not earn Heritage Armor
  • Character Services - It is not possible to buy a Character Transfer, Faction Change, or any other service for a character that has been boosted in the past 72 hours. Customer Support cannot bypass this restriction
  • WoW Token - It is not possible to boost a character with a WoW Token in the inventory, bank, or mailbox
  • Glyphs - Applied glyphs will be erased from your character when boosted