Sent Digital Gift to Wrong Recipient

Updated: 1 week ago
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Common Problems

  • I bought something for my friend but put in the wrong email.
  • I used the wrong BattleTag when I sent a gift
  • I sent a gift to the wrong person

If you sent a gift to the wrong person, the resolution steps for correcting this error depend on how you sent the gift:

  • Via email: If you entered the wrong email address for a gift, you can find the game key for that order in your Order History. You can copy this code to send it to your friend so they can claim it. This will only work if the gift was not claimed by the recipient of the email.
  • Via BattleTag: If you entered the wrong BattleTag for a gift, no code is created, so you can't use a license to send it to the right person. Contact us so we can investigate.