Didn't Receive PvP Appearance Achievement

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I have the full PVP set but didn't receive the transmog achievement
  • The wardrobe won't recognize some of my pieces for the achievement

If you didn't receive a PvP appearance achievement, make sure none of the following are true before contacting Customer Support.

Missing Set Pieces

You need the set's off-pieces—like bracers, belts, or boots—to complete the achievement. To check for missing pieces:

  1. Open your appearances collection
  2. Select Set
  3. Find the set you're looking for. If you're missing all of that set's pieces, it will be greyed out.
    If you're only missing some pieces, the set will have a green highlight. Click the set to show the pieces you've collected (green) and the pieces you're missing (grey).

Item Has a Trade or Refund Timer

Items with an active timer are not added to your collection until the timer expires. If you trade the item, or return it to a vendor for a full refund, the appearance will be removed from your collection.

You can disenchant the item, delete the item, or place it in your Void Storage to immediately clear this timer. If there is a trade timer, you can also sell the item to a vendor for gold to clear the timer.

After you clear the timer, you may need to relog to see the item in your collection.

Appearance in Bag Doesn't Show in Collection

There are three reasons an item in your bag won't count towards a set.

  • The item shares an appearance with a set piece, but is considered a look-alike. The name of an item must match the set's tooltip to count for that appearance.
  • Items that are no longer obtainable do not count for appearance achievements. You must collect the alternate, obtainable version of that item instead.
  • Your item may be a part of an appearance for another class or specialization.