The Heart of Flame Does Not Drop From Ragnaros As Loot

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

Heart of Flame [Alliance | Horde] is one of the final quests toward earning legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

To complete this quest, you need to first siphon 250 Smouldering Essences from Firelands bosses (excluding Ragnaros) by equipping the Runestaff of Nordrassil, targeting the boss' corpse, and right-clicking the Runestaff of Nordrassil to activate the secondary power. The Runestaff of Nordrassil does not need to be equipped during these boss fights. The 250 Smouldering Essences will be tracked in the quest log.

Once you have all 250, you need to kill Ragnaros (Firelands). You will not be able to obtain the Heart of Flame if you have fewer than 250 Smouldering Essences.


  • Wielders of the empowered Runestaff of Nordrassil will receive debuff Rage of Ragnaros that knocks-back allies every 60 seconds. If the wielder survives the fight, Ragnaros will submerge and quest item Heart of Flame will spawn in the middle of the lava, where it must be manually looted. You may need to wait approximately 60 seconds for the Heart of Flame to spawn.
  • ProtipRage of Ragnaros will continue to proc even after Ragnaros is defeated. When the knockback is cast, players with the buff will be temporarily immune to the lava and can easily loot the Heart of Flame.


  • Ragnaros can be killed without special mechanics and the Runestaff of Nordrassil does not even have to be equipped. Players on the quest will still need to be alive to be eligible for the quest item. Ragnaros will die and the lava will solidify. The Heart of Flame will spawn in the center. You may need to wait approximately 60 seconds for the Heart of Flame to spawn.
  • If Ragnaros is killed on the Heart of Flame's spawn location, it can be difficult to see the item. However, it can still be clicked if you "mouse-over" Ragnaros' corpse.

For help with this quest or the Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest quest chain, please review Wowhead's excellent guide.

Note: Abandoning this quest for any reason will immediately erase your Smouldering Essence progression. This includes manually abandoning the quest or performing a faction change (which automatically abandons all quests). If the quest was abandoned, contact the Game Masters immediately. We cannot guarantee restoration of your lost progress.