Can't Buy Hearthstone Adventure

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Want to buy one of the older adventures but I can't find it on the Shop
  • Bought a wing of the adventure with gold, I'm now trying to buy the rest with money and won't let me. It says "Good news! You already own this product"

I own part of the adventure

If you unlocked a chapter of an adventure in-game and now want to buy the next chapter —or the rest of the adventure— you must do it in-game. If you attempt to buy the product in our website, you will receive the error "Good news! You already own this product."

To buy missing chapters in game, use these steps:

  1. Click on Solo Adventures
  2. Select the Adventure on Normal
  3. Click on the large right-facing arrow and navigate to the chapter that you don't have
  4. Click on the blue highlighted Unlock button
  5. Choose to unlock either the individual chapter for gold or the full adventure with real money
Note: Adventures do not adjust pricing to discount content that is already owned, so you will pay full price regardless of owned content if you choose to purchase the full adventure.

I don't own any chapter of the adventure

All Hearthstone Adventures are available on the Blizzard Shop.

Note: Wild Mode cards and adventures can be purchased in-game only if you have unlocked Wild Mode on your account first. In addition, buying Wild Mode adventures requires your account to have reached rank 25 or better. If you buy a Wild Mode adventure, the cards earned when completing the adventure can only be used in Wild Mode.