Character Name Has Been Changed

Updated: 10 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Character is flagged for a name change and I don't know why
  • My character is asking me to rename when I try to log, but it isn't against the policies. I would like to keep my name
  • My characters' names are all showing with strange letters

Character names can be changed, or flagged for a name change, for a variety of reasons:

  • Characters with accounts inactive for more than 2 expansions may be renamed to a random name to allow players on active accounts to use them
  • Characters transferring to new realms may be flagged for a name change if their name was in use on the new realm
  • Characters whose names were blocklisted or reserved after the character was created may be forced to pick a new name after a character service
  • Characters whose names were reported may be forced to change their names to pick one which is not a violation of the naming policies
In any of these cases, you should log in on the character and pick a new name. If your character has not been accessed for a long time and the name was released for inactivity, you may be able to get the same name again, but for any characters that were penalized, you should pick a new name to avoid an account action.