Flight Path Heirloom Confusion (wrong faction / not all waypoints)

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

Bought them on my Horde toon, and in the toy box, it says only horde can use it. Went to buy them on my ally, and it says already known...

When you purchase and learn this heirloom item, you will also automatically learn the other faction's version (example: If you use the Walking Kalimdor with the Earthmother item, you will also learn the Alliance equivalent Surviving Kalimdor).

• Horde Kalimdor flight paths: Walking Kalimdor with the Earthmother
• Horde Eastern Kingdom flight paths: The Azeroth Campaign
• Alliance Kalimdor flight paths: Surviving Kalimdor
• Alliance Eastern Kingdoms flight paths: To Modernize the Provisioning of Azeroth