Blizzard Gifts is a new feature that lets you claim gifts in one convenient location, and send gifts to your friends without needing to know their email address.

Note: You need to be friends with someone on Blizzard for at least three days before you can send them a gift.

Sending Gifts

When you purchase an item on the Blizzard Shop as a gift, you have two options:

  • Send the gift to a friend using their BattleTag or Real ID. They can claim your gift on their Blizzard Gifts page.
  • Enter the recipient's email address to send them a code that they can redeem in Blizzard Account Management.
    Note: The option to email a gift code may not be available for all products.

Receiving Gifts

When you receive a gift from your friend, you can find it in the Gifts section of your Blizzard account.

My Gifts shows your unclaimed gifts, including promotional gifts we may send out. Click Claim on a gift to add that item to your account.