Can't Post on Forums

Updated: 7 months ago
Article ID: 12641

Common Problems

  • I can't post on the forums
  • I have game time but I'm not able to post
  • The page is looping back after attempting to log in

If you have problems posting on the forums:

  1. Log out and back in again
  2. Check if your browser is out of date
  3. Clear the cache and cookies in your browser
  4. Try a different browser

If the above doesn't help, ensure that:

  • You are logged in with the correct account name and password
  • You own the game and your account is not banned, suspended, or silenced
  • Your Parental Controls settings do not block forum posting
  • You have a BattleTag and Avatar set
    • Avatar is set using the drop down menu in the top right of every forum page
    • After setting a BattleTag it can take up to 72 hours before you can post

In addition, some of our forums have game/forum specific limitations. Please select the relevant forum below to review.

Customer Support cannot grant forum access. If you are still having issues, please contact us for further assistance.