Troubleshooting Forum Issues

Updated: 1 year ago
Article ID: 12641

Common Problems

  • I can't post on the forums
  • I have game time but I'm not able to post
  • The page is looping back after attempting to log in

You need an active license that is not banned or suspended to post in the forums for any of our games.

If you cannot log in to the forums: 

  1. Ensure you are entering your credentials correctly: Blizzard/BattleNet email and password.
  2. Clear cache and cookies in your browser: Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer | Safari | Microsoft Edge
  3. Try a different browser.

Note: You can't post on the Overwatch forums if your account is currently silenced.

If you're trying to post in the World of Warcraft forums, you need an active subscription. If you recently added a subscription to your account and still can't login, your recurring payment is still pending and posting privileges are restricted. This usually lasts for 24-48 hours.

For additional forums assistance, please contact us.