Can't Find Garn-Tooth Necklace for Achievement - Stable Master

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I am in my stables but can't find the Garn-Tooth Necklace
  • My Stables are level 3 but I don't know where to find the necklace for Stable Master

The Garrison Stables must be upgraded fully to level 3 before the Garn-Tooth Necklace becomes available. Try the following steps to troubleshoot:

  • Check your garrison's Architect's Table to make sure your Stables are level 3
  • Check around the inside of the fencing near the entrance to your Stables for the Garn-Tooth Necklace
  • Open your bags and your bank and type Garn-Tooth into the search bar to highlight the Garn-Tooth Necklace to verify whether it's in your bags
If the necklace is not in your bags or your Stables, and your Stables show as level 3 at the Architect's table, submit a bug report.