How to Start a Free Character Transfer

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • There is no Free Character Migration available for my realm
  • Can you move my character for free?
  • I missed the option to move to another realm for free, can you help?

The Character Transfer service is a paid service. Free Character Transfers may be available for a limited time to transfer from select realms. When free transfers are available, we will announce it on the official World of Warcraft forums

Blizzard Customer Support cannot provide Free Character Transfers.

How to Use Free Character Realm Transfer

Before you start a free transfer, check our Free Character Transfer Eligibility and Limitations article.

If your realm is full and experiences login queues, you may be offered to transfer your character to another realm for free while you are queued to enter your realm. In that case, click on the Character Migration button while on the queue. This will open the Shop.

Alternatively, if free migrations are currently open for your realm, you can start a free transfer by opening the in-game Shop on the character selection screen. If the Shop button is missing, it means your account is restricted by Parental Controls.

Once in the Shop:

  1. Select the Character Transfer service and click Buy Now
  2. Select the realm you are transferring FROM
  3. Select the character you want to move off your realm. An estimate for how long the transfer might take will show up
  4. Tick the Transfer Realm check box
  5. Select the realm you want to transfer TO. The choice will be limited
  6. Click Continue. If the button is not available, it means you didn't fill up all the fields

The Character Migration window will instantly close without any message. However, your transfer is in progress.

Note: You cannot log in to your character until the transfer has completed and you cannot cancel a transfer in progress. Customer Support cannot cancel a transfer or speed up the transfer process. Character transfers are irreversible.

Once your transfer completes, you will not receive a notification, but you will find your character if you log in to your new realm. If you cannot see your character on the new realm, create a level 1 to refresh your character selection screen.