Received a Legendary Token for the Wrong Class

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Common Problems

  • I got a Legendary token that is for a different class
  • Cannot use this Legendary token, it's for a class I don't have

If you have already looted all the legendaries for your class, the next time a Legendary drops for you it will be a random legendary token for a different class. These tokens are Bind to Account so you can mail them to an alt. Because the token is generated randomly, it might be for a class that you don't have.

Death KnightUser-added image Bone-Wrought Coffer of the Damned
Demon HunterUser-added image Demonslayer's Soul-Sealed Satchel
DruidUser-added image Living Root-Bound Cache
HunterUser-added image Deepwood Ranger's Quiver
MageUser-added image Spell-Secured Pocket of Infinite Depths
MonkUser-added image Hand-Carved Jade Puzzle Box
PaladinUser-added image Light-Bound Reliquary
PriestUser-added image Coffer of Twin Faiths
RogueUser-added image Hollow Skeleton Key
ShamanUser-added image Giant Elemental's Closed Stone Fist
WarlockUser-added image Pocket Keystone to Abandoned World
WarriorUser-added image Stalwart Champion's War Chest

Random legendary tokens will never create any of the below legendaries: 

Aman'Thul's VisionThis legendary is only obtainable as a drop from Argus the Unmaker on Normal difficulty or higher
Insignia of the Grand ArmyThis legendary is only obtainable as quest reward from the Antorus, the Burning Throne: The Death of a Titan, which requires that you kill Argus the Unmaker
Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy
The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge
Vigilance Perch
Rethu's Incessant Courage
These legendaries are crafted and can only be created by characters with the appropriate profession