Can't Kill Drakkari Colossus

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

The Drakkari Colossus in Gundrak won't die

We are aware of an issue with the Drakkari Colossus in Gundrak right now, and we are attempting to find a resolution.

Customer Support is not able to assist with this, but there is a workaround. Two scenarios can cause this NPC to glitch and become unkillable:


Killed Too Quickly

The Drakkari Colossus has two phases which he goes through two times each, for four total: 
  • Stage 1: Drakkari Colossus
  • Stage 2: Water Elemental
  • Stage 3: Drakkari Colossus
  • Stage 4: Water Elemental
These phases are timed, and each must occur before the boss is killed in order to kill him successfully. If your group's damage is too high and he is not able to complete all four phases, he will become unkillable.


Member of Group Out of Boss Range

If a member of your group stands outside of the circle that the boss spawns in, this can cause the boss to glitch and become unkillable.


Resetting the Boss

If the Drakkari Colossus becomes locked, have every member of your party leave the instance for at least 30 minutes to do a soft reset of the dungeon. When you zone back in the Drakkari Colossus should have reset. When you kill him, make sure you are keeping your damage low so that he can get through all of his phases, and make sure no one leaves the circle that the Colossus spawns in.