Can't Start Quest - The Call for Allies

Updated: 5 days ago
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Common Problems

  • I purchased Battle for Azeroth and have a level 45 character, but I'm not getting a quest for the Allied Races
  • I cannot unlock a void elf but should be able to
  • I cannot unlock a highmountain tauren because I cannot get to the questline

You must have a level 45 character of the appropriate faction to unlock Allied Races for that faction, such as Horde for Highmountain Tauren. You also need to complete the introduction quests to Zandalar (for Horde) or Kul Tiras (for Alliance) before you can unlock an Allied Race.

Each Allied Race has additional requirements as well. You can view the prerequisites at each Allied Race's emissary in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

For additional information on unlocking an Allied Race, please refer to the Allied Race Overview.

If you meet the requirements for an Allied but cannot start the relevant quest line, verify which character is Exalted with the corresponding faction. If the reputation was earned by a different character, try logging in to that character, then retry.