Can't Upgrade Garrison Buildings

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Learned a Garrison blueprint but can't upgrade the building
  • Bought a level 3 blueprint but cannot upgrade the building
  • Can't use the architect table to upgrade my garrison buildings

If you cannot upgrade or swap garrison buildings, check the following:

  • You can only upgrade your buildings if your garrison is also upgraded. For example, to upgrade a building to level 3, you must have a level 3 garrison
  • Make sure you know the required blueprints
  • Make sure you have enough gold and Garrison Resources

If you meet all the requirements and you still cannot upgrade or swap a building:

  • Walk your character outside the garrison, or port to another zone
  • Log out from the game 
  • Disable your addons or reset your interface
  • Log in again and walk to your garrison 

If the issue persists, please submit a bug report or contact us.