Can't Complete Quest "The Mage Hunter"

Updated: 16 hours ago
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Common Problems

I can't find Ebonchill to complete the quest "The Mage Hunter"

If Balaadur is killed too quickly, he may not drop Ebonchill and you will not be able to complete the quest. If you are having problems with not being able to loot Ebonchill after killing Balaadur try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Port back to Dalaran in the Broken Shore
  2. Speak to the flight master to take a flight back to Faronaar to restart the scenario
  3. When killing Balaadur, make sure that you kill him slowly enough that he drops Ebonchill
    • Level 50 characters with high level gear may kill Balaadur too quickly. Consider stopping when his health is at 50%, using a barrier until he drops Ebonchill, and then completing the battle
  4. Loot Ebonchill from the ground to complete the quest