My Character Does Not Gain Experience

Updated: 8 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Completing quests is not giving me experience.
  • I'm level 35 but the mobs are level 30 and grey.
  • Can't level my character, the experience bar is stuck.
  • Not earning experience when doing quests.

You will not earn experience if:

  • Your character is level 20 and your World of Warcraft account has no game time. Add game time to continue leveling past 20.
  • Your character is level 50 and you don't have the Shadowlands expansion. Buy Shadowlands to continue leveling past 50.
  • You disabled experience gains. To reactivate experience gains talk to Behsten in Stormwind or to Slahtz in Orgrimmar.
  • You are completing trivial quests, killing trivial mobs, or clearing trivial dungeons. You will only receive experience from content of a difficulty appropriate to your character's level.