Missing Equipment and Bags

Updated: 5 days ago
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Common Problems

  • I cannot see my equipped bags or my gear
  • I logged in and my character is naked, and I cannot see my bags
  • An error "Your inventory is full. Make room in your bags to receive any missing items." shows up and my items are missing.

This is typically purely a display issue where all inventory items are still equipped and in bags, but show up as being missing in-game. If your inventory, equipped items, and bag slots are suddenly showing up as empty, try these steps:

  1. Equip a bag in a bag slot, then log out and log back in
  2. Log out of the character for an hour, then log back in
  3. Perform a UI Reset

Deleting and undeleting the character can refresh its information and allow the items to become visible, where traditional troubleshooting fails.

  1. Go to the realm screen for the affected character
  2. Select the affected character, and choose the option to Delete Character below, and confirm deletion
    • Note: if your character is a guild leader, you will need to temporarily transfer leadership to another character for these steps
  3. Above the Delete Character option and to the right of Create New Character, choose the arrow curving up and to the left to Restore Deleted Character
  4. Select the affected character and click on the icon to Restore this character

If you have recently restored a character and are unable to follow these steps completely, or if you would prefer that we perform deletion and undeletion, please submit a ticket.