Phone Number Required for Overwatch Top 500

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • Why do I need to have a phone number on my account to get into the Top 500
  • Removing my phone number kicked me from the Top 500
  • Once I reach Top 500 in Overwatch, what happens if I remove my phone number
  • I need to change my phone number, how will that change my Top 500 status

In order to become eligible for Top 500 in Overwatch for Competitive Mode (Season or Arcade), you must enable a phone number on your account and play the required 25 games.

  • If a single game is played without a phone number enabled, the progress towards the 25 games are forfeited and you will have to start the 25 games over
    • To become eligible for Top 500, a phone number must be re-enabled and 25 games have to be played
  • If a phone number is removed while in the top 500, you are instantly removed from the Top 500 leaderboards
    • To allow for switching phone numbers, if no games are played after being removed from the Top 500, you can re-add a phone number, play one game, and get back into the Top 500 as long as your SR is high enough
NoteA phone number requirement does not apply to Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.