Obtaining Vicious Saddle Mounts

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Common Problems

  • How can I obtain previous vicious mounts?

You can obtain Vicious Mounts in two ways.

  1. Earn the Veteran of the HordeVeteran of the Alliance series of achievements requiring you to win 75, 150, and 300 Rated Battlegrounds.
  2. After you earn your Seasonal Mount, you will earn a Vicious Saddle every time you fill up your PvP bar. If your bar is at 100% and you did not receive your reward, you will receive it with your next win.

Visit your Combatant Mount Quartermaster to exchange your Vicious Saddles for Vicious Mounts from previous expansions. Battle for Azeroth Vicious Mounts will be available in exchange of Vicious Saddles with the next World of Warcraft expansion.