No Loot From Mythic+ Cache in Dungeon

Updated: 5 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I received no loot when I opened the chest at the end of the mythic+
  • Opened the cache at the end of the M+ and there was only one item
  • My group completed the Mythic+ on time but didn't get 3 items, we received only 2

At the end of a successful run, a chest will appear that all players can open. If you cannot open the chest it means you are not loot eligible due to non-participation.

The chest is guaranteed to give two pieces of gear. One piece will always be at the level of your Keystone.

  • If you beat the timer, the second piece will also be at that level.
  • If you fail the timer, the second piece will be a lower level.
  • Every level above 15 has a chance of rewarding extra loot

These pieces of gear are randomly distributed among party members, which means sometimes you will not receive a piece of gear. There is no bad luck protection, so you may not receive gear for several dungeons if you're unlucky - or, you may receive several pieces in a row.

However, you will always receive Anima.

Customer Support cannot grant loot.